march 9, 2014: a wish from cooper’s mom

jane, cooper’s mom, wrote the following as a comment, but i wanted to make sure that everyone sees it, so i have posted it instead.

To all of you who have a puppy fathered by Cooper

My wish for you:

Cooper has brought us so much happiness. Don and I believe he has changed both our lives. We can not look at him without smiling. He is the most compassionate dog we ever met. He loves to take walks and play games, like “find the treat” and “hide and seek”. He is obedience trained and is very responsive to what we ask of him. He really likes to be with us; he likes it best when we are all together. He will settle down and rest while we read or watch TV. I hope your puppy brings you as much joy as we receive from Cooper.

I encourage you to do a “family dog obedience ” class and to socialize them with people and other dogs. Carol has done a wonderful job with getting them out and meeting the world. Every time I take Cooper somewhere, people want to meet him and know all about him.

I hope you will keep in touch with the website. I would really like to know about our “grandchildren’s lives”.


2014-03-09 jane and cooper


march 8, 2014: CAPTAIN/DONNER says goodbye . . .

day 89:

gordon and lindsay came to pick up their new baby today. CAPTAIN/DONNER ran over to lindsay to say hello . . .


and then over to gordon

getting ready to leave . . .


outside, a quick wave goodbye . . .

DSC_0854DSC_0855and in the car for the ride to his new home in arlington mass

and then there was one.


oh no, GRACIE/COMET has realized that CAPTAIN/DONNER has left and for the past 20 minutes she has been crying and barking . . . and crying and barking . . . . should be a very long night. be sure to follow her show career on my main web site, her first show should be in about 3 months. also, i will set up a page for her on darla’s blog and i will update each of the puppies’ individual pages as i receive pictures.

this was such a truly beautiful, sweet litter. my heart and good wishes go out to all of the new families.

btw, darla & cooper’s little blog now has 6,399 views.


march 7, 2014: CAPTAIN/DONNER’s last adventure in blandford

day 88:

tomorrow CAPTAIN/DONNER leaves for his new home. we went on an adventure today.

i finally was able to get GRACIE/COMET’s poop so off we went to drop it off at the vet’s office. CAPTAIN/DONNER got a big hug from brenda.


then it was off to the library. he was much more comfortable this time, checking out the toys in the children’s section, running down the aisles and checking out the books.


just too cute! a brief pause in the action . . .


next he went over to say hello to renee, the librarian on duty . . .


then a brief nap under janet’s (the library director) chair. she was careful not to move the chair or her feet while checking out darla & cooper’s blog.

CAPTAIN/DONNER did much better in the harness than he did with a collar. this is a really good harness, especially for puppies as it has velcro, a plastic buckle and 2 ‘d’ rings for a closure. the puppies really cannot get out of it and it is also a little less ‘confrontational’ for them. it is a non-choke design which is really good since some tibetans have a problem with a ‘collapsible trachea’ that a regular collar can aggravate in puppies. it also has two very nice reflective strips that are really bright. i’ve been asked by a couple of the blog’s followers the name of this harness, so i thought i would include a link to the company that makes it if anyone else is interested.

doggie design harness

i got mine from, but they had a very limited color selection for each size.

poor GRACIE/COMET – she will be all by herself tomorrow . . . and i will join the ranks of the ‘sleepless’.

march 6, 2014: GRACIE/COMET finally goes on an adventure

day 87:

BRADY/DASHER’s new parents brought this really great harness for him to wear on the way home. i was so impressed with it, i ordered one for my babies and got it yesterday. GRACIE/COMET really liked it . . . much better than a leash/collar.

first stop today was the post office to pick up more papers for the dogs.

DSC_0831DSC_0832GRACIE/COMET said hello to heather . . .

and heather’s husband, norman, came over to say hello.

next stop blandford animal hospital for GRACIE/COMET’s 2nd puppy vaccination and another examination (still haven’t gotten her poop to have sent to the lab . . . ).

dr. holman examined GRACIE/COMET while jen held onto her. she had lots of puppy kisses for everyone.


last stop was . . . the library.

GRACIE/COMET said hello to livia and charlotte came over to pet her.


livia held GRACIE/COMET while she

jumped up and tried to give charlotte a

big puppy kiss!

march 5, 2014: oh wow

day 86:

darla and cooper’s little blog has had 6,085 views so far . . . and that does not include the 14 ‘followers’ who get an e-mail with each update! absolutely amazing this thing called the internet. i hope that everyone has been enjoying this litter as much as i have. the blog is just so much fun for me to do and i love sharing the progress of my babies.

meanwhile, back in the kitchen, the puppy high jinks continue. first it was the plastic bottle. then it was the cardboard roll . . .


GRACIE/COMET actually had it all to herself for a very brief moment under the stool . . . but CAPTAIN/DONNER came in for a sneak attack!


the cardboard roll all chewed up, the bottle was back in play and the game of ‘keep-away’ was on again!

GRACIE/COMET is going to be totally bereft on saturday when DONNER/CAPTAIN leaves for his new home . . . and i will join the ranks of the sleepless!




march 4, 2014: CAPTAIN/DONNER’s day out on the town

day 85:

busy, busy weekend – just totally done in. finally got to the dishes from sunday night’s chili . . . and GRACIE/COMET helped. CAPTAIN/DONNER most definitely did not like being left alone in the puppy pen . . . and let me know.

DSC_0811DSC_0812 GRACIE/COMET did not really help, she was more interested in a stuffed blue dragon . . .

such a cutie!

then it was CAPTAIN/DONNER’s turn . . . and GRACIE/COMET did not like being in the puppy pen alone – lots of barking and crying when CAPTAIN/DONNER left her.

first i put the collar/leash on him . . . he planted his feet and would not move.


so i picked him up and carried him to the car and off for our first stop at the post office where he had a big hello for heather.


carol, a blandford resident, came into the post office to pick up her mail . . .

and CAPTAIN/DONNER welcomed her in from the cold.


and a welcome for ron, another post office patron.


then it was off to the library and the tuesday afternoon knitting club.

he ran over to pat, who gave him a big hug!


CAPTAIN/DONNER made the rounds, saying hello to all of the ladies, this is mary.


 next over to say hello to cindy, the librarian on duty.


while i was gathering my things to get ready to go, pam took the leash. at first CAPTAIN/DONNER again planted his feet . . . but after a few false starts he was happily walking around the library with her.


march 2, 2014: and then there were two

day 83:

dancer left today! jeff and bobbi have been following darla’s blog and fell in love with DANCER. they came to meet her today . . . jeff held dancer and then we brought out CAPTAIN/DONNER and GRACIE/COMET who all vied for bobbi’s attention while dancer was fascinated with bobbi’s pocketbook . . .




and they left with DANCER!!! what a great home for her – she is a very lucky little girl!


my son, frank, spent the day skiing with friends at nearby butternut and stopped in, about 10 minutes after jeff and bobbi left, for some chili by the fireplace. CAPTAIN/DONNER and GRACIE/COMET wanted jazzie to throw the ball to them, then mom jaclyn watched as jazzie held the stuffed snake and later dad john looked on as caitlin held one of the puppies and jaclyn looked on also. i almost got a really neat photo of my son, frank – ever camera shy, who moved too quickly and all i got was a picture of the door frame.


and then there were two . . .


CAPTAIN/DONNER’s new family is having some renovations completed on their home and he will be leaving a week from tomorrow. i see lots of adventures in the coming week for both of these babies.

march 1, 2014: two more babies leave

day 82:

such a bittersweet day <sigh>

before marcia came to pick up ISIS/VIXEN, the puppy was put in the kitchen sink and given a bath . . . she didn’t mind the bath at all, but was not too happy when i rinsed off her face.


we went over everything. then it was time for a final picture . . .


and off to the crate in marcia’s car – can you see her little nose peeking through?


later in the day fran and selma came to pick up BRADY/DASHER, who found fran’s shoelace a fun thing to play with.DSC_0791

paperwork all taken care of, out to the car for the ride home. selma gets to hold BRADY/DASHER while fran gets to drive.


and then there were three . . .



february 28, 2014: and then there were five . . .

day 81:

about 2 hours before the puppies leave here they get their nails trimmed and their first bath after which they are put in the 3 x 3 that has a grate as a floor – this way they stay nice and clean until they leave.

so before john and britta came to pick up LENNY/CUPID and after his ‘spa treatment’ he was put in the 3 x 3.

he definitely did not like being separated from his brothers and sisters and was quite vocal about his displeasure.

DSC_0771 he paused for a moment and i was able to get this picture – he looks just like a stuffed animal!


john and britta came, we took care of business and they put LENNY/CUPID in his new harness. we let him walk around a little bit so he could get used to it. he had no problems with it.


aaah, snuggling with his new dad.

finally ready to go outside


and finally ready to start his new life.


meanwhile, the puppies have at last figured out that their brothers and sisters are leaving. lots of crying . . . but that may have been because they were hungry (i don’t feed the one leaving before the car ride to his/her new home which makes the trip so much better for everyone involved) and lenny left right around their lunch time. it did get quiet when i gave them their food . . . for a few minutes.


february 27, 2014: ARLEIGH/PRANCER leaves for new hampshire!

day 80:

my sinuses were all stuffed yesterday and when i finally took an antihistamine, i spent the rest of the day sleeping . . .

much better today. good thing as mike and kathleen came to pick up ARLEIGH/PRANCER. her ‘godfather’ bob came along too.


after we went over all of the paper work, kathleen and michael got down on the floor and put on ARLEIGH/PRANCER’s new harness.


with a little help from ARLEIGH/PRANCER,  the harness  fit well.

then out to the car for the ride to her new home. michael drove while kathleen and the new baby sat in the back seat.


kathleen sent me this picture and this note on the ride home . . .


‘Almost home. She was good as gold. Such an Awesome puppy.’

hopefully ARLEIGH/PRANCER will sleep through the night and they will be able to say the same thing tomorrow!

february 25, 2014: LENNY/CUPID does some errands

day 78:

most of my errands done for the day, LENNY/CUPID went with me to do the local errands. first it was to the post office to say hi to heather and to send off RIZ-LI/BLITZEN’S akc registration papers and an official copy of his pedigree (both of which i finally received yesterday) to connie and traci. while there, i traded a not quite empty post office container for one filled with extra papers to use for the babies.


then to the vet’s office with CAPTAIN/DONNER’s poop to be sent to the lab for testing, with a library visit next . . .


we were too late for a visit with the tuesday afternoon knitting club, but eileen was still there and she just had to say hello to LENNY/CUPID.

i think he likes her!

after eileen left, LENNY/CUPID was busy checking out the library. he went under the desks to go see dan, the librarian. it was a much tighter fit than his brothers and sisters had, but he managed to squeeze through!


trip to the library was cut short . . . i finally was able to get a poop sample from him (i’ve been trying to get this for at least a week – perhaps i should bring BRADY/DONNER and GRACIE/COMET – the two poops i am still waiting for – to the library) so back to the vet’s office before it closed for the day.

february 24, 2014: meet BRADY aka DASHER

day 77:

worked just too hard on saturday while mitchell was here and then it was off to the symphony – needed sunday to recuperate . . . .

dasher had visitors today . . .


fran and selma came from rhode island to meet the puppies. selma got to hold dasher first. dasher just settled in on her lap, totally loving being held.



then fran came over to say hello.


this picture sums up the visit.

DASHER will be going to live with fran and selma

next monday! his new name is BRADY.


february 22, 2014: ARLEIGH/PRANCER visits her ‘godmother’

day 75:

mitchell was able to load up my little car with all of the trash bags and off to the dump i went. fortunately there was enough room still in the car for me so i could drive! not a good idea to skip a weekly trip to the dump when i have puppies . . . . we worked around the house. since tonight is symphony night, i only had an hour to spare once he left . . . just enough time for ARLEIGH/PRANCER to visit her ‘godmother’, her new owners’ cousin.


off we went to sheepgate, maureen’s shop just down the road.

ARLEIGH/PRANCER was a perfect little lady (at first . . . ) while maureen had some alone time with her and got acquainted.


the ‘perfect little lady’ did not last and soon was replaced by a curious little puppy, wanting to get into everything. i was glad i had a leash on her so she cDSC_0748ouldn’t damage any of the lovely items in maureen’s shop . . .

maureen found something that ARLEIGH/PRANCER could play with.


she really liked this. she could push it around with her nose and it would roll away, then she would chase it, then push it around with her nose and it would roll away, then . . . . when she got tired of this she discovered it was also fun to chew on.

then home, feed everyone and off to the symphony for me!

february 21, 2014: RIZ-LI leaves the nest!

day 74:

connie and traci came to pick up RIZ-LI/BLITZEN today. darla is downstairs so she (fortunately) missed out on all of the excitement. so sad for me when the babies do leave. winter litters are so nice and keep me laughing through all of the cold and snow and freezing rain.

this is traci holding her new ‘brother’.


2014-02-21 leaving here

i’ve known connie for over 20 years, i don’t think i have ever seen her look so very happy.

hopefully she will be as happy tomorrow after a sleepless night.

RIZ-LI/BLITZEN  is going to miss his brothers and sisters,

but he will have connie’s other two tt’s to keep him company.

traci and connie braved the fog and slippery roads to get here, now they have to make it home safely. once off my mountain they should be okay.

they made it back out to the car okay. RIZ-LI/BLITZEN looks like he is not to sure about leaving here with someone new, but then he really seems to like connie.


traci sent me these pictures from the car on the ride home. it looks like he is settling in nicely. connie had him all wrapped up on a towel with his new toy.

2014-02-21 in the car

2014-02-21 asleep in the car

but snuggling with his new mom is the best thing about this car ride!

february 20, 2014: toy wars

day 73:

i’ve spent about 4 hours total on poop patrol so far, watching the puppies so i can get individual poops to take to the vet’s office . . . so far i have collected 3, only 5 more to go.

meanwhile, the babies are keeping themselves occupied discussing just who gets two of their favorite toys.


first it was a major ‘discussion’ about the key ring . . .

DSC_0737but sharing is good too.

next it was the 3-ring chew toy.



sharing really is nice . . .


but, having it all to yourself is best.





february 19, 2014: darla’s last night with her babies

day 72:

tonight is darla’s last night with her babies, she will go downstairs with the big dogs tomorrow. it seems to be better this way for her and the babies, separation anxiety for both of them appears much less and the babies will be totally weaned when they leave. she has been separated from the babies during the days for the past week and a half, only spending the nights with them. they ‘attack’ her when she is first put back in the puppy pen and she still lets them nurse, but only for a minute.



february 18, 2014: another snow day in blandford!

day 71:

absolutely beautiful day up here. the four other puppies finally got their chance to go out and play in the snow.

first ARLEIGH/PRANCER and DONNER went out to play . . . and play they did! DONNER finally decided snow = fun.


DSC_0704i love how their faces look covered in snow!




next RIZ-LI/BLITZEN and DANCER went out to play. i brought RIZ-LI/BLITZEN out on a leash – he is faster and braver than the others. he did really well on the leash.


DSC_0721more adorable snow covered faces!


february 17, 2014: DANCER has an adventure

day 70:

in preparation for the puppies going to their new homes next week, i tried to start collecting poops to drop off at the vet’s office. they ate lunch and then i sat and waited, and waited, and waited. finally DANCER pooped in the litter box (nobody else did while i waited). collected the poop and because she was such a good girl, she came with me to the vet’s office.

this is robin holding DANCER when we dropped the poop off.


we stopped into the library on the way home. DANCER checked in with renee.


livia came into the library, picked DANCER up and gave her a hug.






when livia put DANCER back down on the floor, DANCER was fascinated with her socks.


livia started dancing and DANCER thought this was great fun!


game over !DSC_0689

february 16, 2014: and the plan was . . .

day 69:

so much for planning this weekend. yesterday i told mitchell to take the day off as connie and traci were going to come pick up RIZ-LI/BLITZEN. because of the predicted snow with my winding, twisty/curvy uphill/downhill roads and one of connie’s tt’s having had emergency surgery earlier in the week, they opted not to come for him until later in the week . can’t wait to see my poor little prius when i go to the dump next saturday with 2 weeks worth of bags of  puppy poop.

then today the plan was to take the other four babies out to play in the snow, have lunch with my friend, kate, from rhode island then go to hear her  ‘fiddle’ at the westfield sons of erin. but, woke up this morning and my bedroom was 52 degrees! simply plugged in the space heater i use when the babies are first born and they were fine. but the kitchen was also 52 degrees. i was so chilled, decided not to take the puppies outside in the cold. i had to get emergency service for my furnace (which actually was working, but the controller for the heating zone that includes the kitchen and the bedroom had to be replaced) and hang around for ron, a fellow blandford resident., to come replace the broken part.

fortunately, my friend had enough time before she had to play to come up here and visit. of course, i just had to show off the babies!
this is such a friendly litter, she bent over the puppy pen and they all came running over to say hello.


kate had to go and my son (who came up late last night) went to hear her play . . . i stayed home and waited for ron to come fix my heat. he came! all fixed, he stopped in to see the babies. ron is definitely the hero of the day – my house once again is nice and toasty.


RIZ-LI/BLITZEN looks intently at ron, planning his next move . . .

then totally surprises ron with a great big wet puppy kiss!

my son came back from kate’s performance, had a quick bite to eat and then left to play hockey in bridgeport, but before he left, a quick hug for GRACIE/COMET.


wonder how my plans for tomorrow will fare . . . .

february 15, 2014: reindeer games

day 68:

it’s snowing again! well just a little so far. thought i would bring the puppies out to play in the snow. to make it more fun for them, i brought two out at a time. this is probably the last time i can let them outside without a harness/leash. right now they don’t stray too far from me – as they get older they get braver . . . besides which they have the equivalent of ‘4 wheel drive’ in the snow and i only have ‘2 wheel drive’.

DASHER and ISIS/VIXEN went first.


didn’t take long before they started walking around in the snow.


ISIS/VIXEN started to climb the pile of snow while

DASHER was close behind.

DASHER had an especially good time in the snow. i think he wears it well . . .


then it was time to come back inside.  DSC_0664

DASHER was a little cold, but ISIS/VIXEN  wanted to explore some more snow mountains!

LENNY/CUPID and GRACIE/COMET got their turn outside.

GRACIE/COMET was busy running circles around me on the walkway while LENNY/CUPID wanted to think about this thing called snow a little more – he wasn’t all that impressed with it back on february 3rd.


finally i picked him up and carried him over to GRACIE/COMET who followed us over to the blair road side of my driveway.

once there, i held him for a little bit and then put him down on the ground . . .

and the game was afoot! first LENNY/CUPID chased GRACIE/COMET (check out his ‘white’ nose!).




  then it was GRACIE/COMET’s turn to chase LENNY/CUPID!

everybody back in the puppy pen just in time for lunch. will try to get the other four babies some ‘snow time’ tomorrow!


february 14, 2014: happy valentines day

day 67:

14″ of snow yesterday and i was on my laptop all day getting ready for my appointment today with my tax preparer (not fun!!!). made the appointment today and actually filed my returns early! first time since 1969 that i have filed before april 15th.

meanwhile, DASHER wanted to wish everyone a very happy valentines day!



february 12, 2014: PRANCER is going to live with kathleen & mike . . . and DONNER is going to live with lindsay and gordon!

day 65:

another visit for my friend, maureen, with her cousin, mike, and his wife, kathleen! time for a decision. dasher, donner, dancer and prancer all came out in the kitchen to play. but the decision had probably been made mike and kathleen’s first visit here . . .

remember these twoDSC_0301DSC_0300 pictures from january 15th?

and here are the ones taken today.

DSC_0644DSC_0643maureen is on kathleen’s left out of the picture and talking to prancer

so hard to make a decision . . . all of the puppies are just so adorable with such sweet personalities. finally it was PRANCER – who now goes by the name ARLEIGH!

maureen, kathleen and mike on the way out, with one more hug for ARLEIGH/PRANCER.


ARLEIGH/PRANCER looks like she is going to be a ‘daddy’s girl’!

this means that DONNER will be going home with lindsay and gordon with his new name . . . CAPTAIN!!!!

DASHER and DANCER are still available . . . .

february 11, 2014: RIZ-LI/BLITZEN has his first big adventure

because i had two posts yesterday, just wanted to make sure that everyone saw the first post about the westminster kennel club dog show. there is a link on that posting to a video of the breed judging. look for cooper, the babies’ dad, strutting his stuff in the show ring!



meanwhile dennis, cooper’s breeder, stopped by to see the puppies on his way back from the wkc dog show. his comment after looking at each puppy . . .

‘beautiful pups’!

this is dennis holding GRACIE/COMET.






a quick lunch for the babies. after that RIZ-LI/BLITZEN went with me to the library.


first he ran over to cindy, one of the librarians on duty this afternoon.




DSC_0632then he ran over to say hello to all of the ladies in the ‘blandford knitting group’ that meets every tuesday afternoon at the library.

he said hello to linda first.


pat picked him up and gave him a hug.

DSC_0635 we used up the last of the library’s paper towels (guess why . . . ) so i gave him the cardboard roll. he carried it over to where the ladies were busy knitting . . . .


 then carried it over to show cindy.


final stop for the day was at the blandford post office. lots of puppy kisses for heather.


DSC_0638since RIZ-LI/BLITZEN is leaving for his new home on saturday, we were curious how much it would cost to ship him to connecticut. we placed him on the postage scale . . .

he weighs 8 lbs. 6 oz. so . . .

$12.45 to go to connecticut as priority mail!

february 10, 2014: dancer goes to the library

day 63 – or is day 62?:

so cold (21 degrees) with a little wind . . . brrrrrrrrrr. it was DANCER’s turn for an adventure.


DSC_0623DSC_0624slow day at the library – nobody was there except the librarian . . . DANCER was able to run around to her heart’s content.









DSC_0625DSC_0626she went into the children’s section and found the perfect place to sit on the rug (do you think she can read – or tell that is a picture of a dog?) . . .

and rested by the books.

a little more exploring and then it was time to go home. DANCER says goodbye to renee, the librarian on duty. it looks like she knows she is leaving and really doesn’t want to go.



february 10, 2014 – westminster kennel club news flash !!!

oh wow. the babies’ dad looked so great! i was incredibly impressed with jane (cooper’s mom) – she did an absolutely fantastic job showing him. you would never know that this was her first time in the conformation show ring – amazing!

if you click on the link below you will be able to see all of the tibetan terriers in the show strut their stuff. jane and cooper are first in line . . . but the video starts after they are already in the ring . . . at 4:00 minutes into the video you will see jane and cooper for the first time . . . followed next by travis (cooper’s owner) and george. keep watching, cooper and george get a couple of more times to show off. cooper looks so happy in the ring! travis and george made ‘the cut’ but somehow did not get a ribbon (i was rooting for him and, of course, cooper).

be patient – it takes a few seconds to load up.


february 9, 2014: visitors day in blandford

day 62:

first lindsay and gordon came to meet the babies. PRANCER, DANCER, DASHER and DONNER came out to play in the kitchen.

lindsay had a chance to play with each one.


DSC_0610gordon and DONNER  had a serious ‘man to dog’ talk.

gordon and lindsay left, puppies had lunch . . .

and britta and john came for their visit. such a hard decision, and such an important one. each of the puppies had time alone with britta and john. in the end the decision was made – CUPID will be going home with them in 2-1/2 weeks!


the decision having been made, CUPID, now named LENNY, decided he would take a well deserved nap after a hard day of playing.


february 8, 2014: donner & prancer’s big adventures . . . and puppy mayhem

day 61:

day started off with mitchell coming to help out around the house. first a trip to the town dump. stacy and her new husband, tim who works at the dump, meet DONNER.


back at the house, mitchell and i played with DONNER before starting to work. DONNER really likes mitchell and had several very serious conversations with him.


work done for the day, it was time for PRANCER’s big adventure. off to the library. another dog was visitiing the library when we arrived so i put PRANCER up on the counter at first. after the other dog left, i put her down on the floor. janet, the library director, took time out to explain the rules of the library to her. PRANCER paid attention to everything janet said . . . and then did what she wanted anyway.


while there, library patrons gale and her husband, vincent, came over to say hello.


vincent took a picture of gale and PRANCER.DSC_0591

then charlotte and livia came into the library and fell in love with PRANCER. janet looks on.


charlotte sent me these really great pictures that she took on her ipad.

2014-02-08 A2014-02-08 C2014-02-08 B

then it was home and my friend and fellow tibetan terrier person, elaine, stopped by with some presents for the babies.


there was also a black penquin that was a big hit with the babies.DSC_0603DSC_0602


DONNER and DASHER and DANCER went over to elaine to say thank you for the neat toys.

DSC_0608DSC_0609after the babies were put back in the puppy pen, they all settled in for a (hopefully) long nap. DONNER claimed the corner for his nap.


february 7, 2014: great news!

day 60:

dr. fyfe got back to me – my two little guys have normal igf-1 levels! the breed standard states that height at the shoulders should be 14-17″, they may end up closer to 14-15″ – then again . . . .

connie and traci came again today to visit with RIZ-LI/BLITZEN. since connie has two older tibetan terriers at home who will help RIZ-LI/BLITZEN with the transition to his new home and who will also help train him, we made plans for him going home with them next weekend. he was so happy to see them (i think he knows) he literally jumped up into traci’s arms when she first went in to see the puppies . . . of course, everybody else came running over also to say hello.

traci got down on the floor to give RIZ-LI/BLITZEN  some ‘sisterly’ advice . . .


and his new mom gave him a hug.


GRACIE/COMET came out to play with RIZ-LI/BLITZEN. i tried to get a picture, but they wouldn’t stop running around. she went back into the puppy pen and CUPID came out. there was some discussion over just who owned the space under the chair . . . .


i finally downloaded the pictures that mike took on his visit a week ago. i wanted to share these with you. he was curious as to how much CUPID weighed . . .

Puppy_Visit_03 CUPID is a big boy! i can’t help but think of dr. seuss’ book, ‘horton hatches a who’. he’s even bigger now!

then we weighed Puppy_Visit_05-1DASHER (?) in the same basket.

out of the basket, DASHER came to the side to say hello to mike.



i was going to try to take DONNER to the library today after connie and traci left – but it is so very cold and dark outside. perhaps tomorrow . . . .

february 6, 2014: DASHER and GRACIE/COMET play in the snow . . . and ISIS/VIXEN’s big adventure!

day 59:

i don’t know what it is about the boys and snow . . . today was DASHER’s turn in the snow. hard to get a picture of him . . . he stayed right by my feet the whole time.


GRACIE/COMET was not too sure about this thing called snow at first . . .  but then decided it was fun to run around.


back inside, it was ISIS/VIXEN’s turn for a BIG ADVENTURE! bundled up inside my jacket, we went for a car ride to . . . the library! i put her down on the floor. it took less than a minute, the tail came up and she was off!


showing no fear, she ran over to see what janet, the library director, was up to.


ISIS/VIXEN spent about 1/2 hour in the library, exploring all of the nooks and crannies and generally just being cute! when it was time to leave, she got a special hug from dan, the librarian on duty this afternoon.

one more stop before going home. ISIS/VIXEN said hello to tina, one of the owners of the blandford country store and cafe, a neat local market.DSC_0575

then home for a short nap.

february 5, 2014: it’s snowing . . . again

day 58:

the day began with puppies waiting somewhat patiently for breakfast . . .


enough with the patience . . . RIZ-LI/BLITZEN and ISIS/VIXEN got vocal.

after my driveway was plowed (for the first time today) and there was only about 1″ of new snow on it, i took DONNER out to play. he definitely was not too sure about it and had to think about it for a bit.

 he DSC_0540definitely was not impressed with snow and stayed right by my feet the whole time. he’s faster than i am in the snow and i had to be so careful not to step on him. when i stopped, he would stay between my feet . . .

DSC_0542or on them.


he was more than happy to come back inside.DSC_0544

then i took PRANCER out in the snow. she took a very brief moment to check it out . . .


and then was off and running with absolute joy!


finally a puppy that has ‘read’ the book about tibetan terriers that says this breed loves the snow!


PRANCER definitely did not want to come back inside and i had to chase her for about 5 minutes. finally, she paused for a moment and i was able to pick her up.


february 4, 2014: presenting the gamine family 8-ring circus

day 57:

marcia came to visit the puppies and very graciously helped me take the puppies to the vet’s office for their 8 week ‘well baby’ visit and vaccinations. thank goodness. about 55 lbs. of puppy were carted into the office and then back home again . . . . thank you, thank you, thank you marcia!

here they are in the examining room – girls in the pink crate and boys in the green crate – raring to go.


the girls came running out, the boys not so fast – CUPID and DONNER want to think about it. DONNER goes back inside and DASHER joins CUPID to check out this new place. RIZ-LI/BLITZEN opts to wait and see and stays in the back of the crate.



  okay, not so scary.




soon everybody was running around, climbing on the scale, running in circles and just generally getting underfoot.DSC_0532 figures, it is GRACIE/COMET  who tries to climb up onto the scale while DASHER tries to eat it.

the examinations begin. mandy holds DSC_0527CUPID, who very stoically endures his vaccination given by dr. lavelli.


dr. lavelli checks to see if RIZ-LI/BLITZEN’s testicles are down . . . his  expression definitely shows what he thinks of this part of the examination.

dr. lavelli checks VIXEN’s bite . . . gets a hug from mandy . . . then marcia gives VIXEN a special hug for being such a good girl.


GRACIE/COMET decides she wants no part of this and hides underneath the scale.


examinations over, time for a little play. VIXEN enjoys a back rub while DANCER shows off some new moves.


VIXEN says enough is enough, she opened the door to the crate and was ready to go home!


it’s official – VIXEN will be going home with marcia in 3 weeks! a perfect little lady, her new name is ISIS !

we fed the babies and then marcia gave ISIS/VIXEN one last hug. marcia is going skiing tomorrow – ‘they’ are predicting over a foot of snow for tomorrow, she should have a great time. puppies fed and taking a nap, i ran out to the drug store to refill a prescription and to the market – something about a snowy day just makes me think of a great big bowl of hot, spicy chili!

february 3, 2014: it’s snowing

day 56:

weatherman said coating to 1″ . . . we got 3″.

DSC_0509  i took CUPID out to the side stepDSC_0510

i thought he was going to start playing . . .


nope, he just wanted to come back in.

DSC_0513  then it was RIZ-LI/BLITZEN’s turn in the snowDSC_0514

he had to check it out.

DSC_0520wasn’t long before he was burrowing his nose in the snow . . .

DSC_0517that’s more like it  .

february 2, 2014: VIXEN and DANCER meet wet grass and snow

day 55:

poops are getting better already, but i still don’t want to take the little ones on big adventures, so we did a mini-adventure today.

VIXEN went first. i put her down on the grass. tail down, she looks like she is asking me, ‘so now what do i do?’


tail comes up and she starts to explore


and even ventures into the snow.


when she was put back in the puppy pen, the others all came over to check out the new smells on her.



then it was DANCER’s turn outside. her tail was down at first too.


before long it was time to explore.


and when it was time to come back inside, she made a bee-line for the door.


february 1, 2014: quiet day for the puppies

day 54:

lab results came back, so went to the vet’s office this morning to pick up the medication. the diarrhea should clear up fast. puppies are missing out on a lot of adventures to really neat places around town – the local library, the market, the town post office and the dump! about a week before the babies leave for their new homes i will bring a stool sample from each puppy to be sent to the lab to ensure that when they leave here their poops are back to normal and include the individual reports with their health records . it’s saturday and mitch was here. he went into see the babies and GRACIE/COMET came right over while VIXEN and DANCER were busy taking a nap.


DASHER also takes a nap.


today’s pictures show a nice, quiet litter – NOT.

january 31, 2014: meet RIZ-LI

day 53:

maureen’s husband, bob, wasn’t able to join her for yesterday’s visit. he came by this morning to do a big favor for me and while here, went in to say hello to the babies.


then i was off to the vet’s office with 3 little bags of poop to be sent to the lab.

connie and her daughter, traci, came for a visit. traci picked up BLITZEN first then handed him off to connie . . .






DSC_0485DSC_0484for a closer inspection




meanwhile, the others found connie’s pocketbook DSC_0488

but BLITZEN got the best view of its contentsDSC_0487

DSC_0478  connie had this long list of things she wanted to check off for the puppies . . .’

the puppies didn’t think too much of her list  DSC_0479

traci got some really good pictures on her ipad


here are some of them

2014-01-31 A2014-01-31 B2014-01-31 C

the pictures are a give-away. BLITZEN will be going to live with connie and will be called RIZ-LI . . . and COMET will be staying here with her new name, GRACIE

that all having been decided, connie and traci went home and baked a cake . . . a very special celebration cake

2014-01-31 F

no word from michigan state university on the test results for DASHER and DONNER. poop results should be in tomorrow morning.

january 30, 2014: more visitors!

day 51:

another busy day for the babies. lots of visitors and special play time. puppies were brought out to the kitchen for the first time (not totally picked up yet, but did get a chance to take all of the ‘stuff’ off the floor and wash it before they came) and allowed to run around. it only took them only a moment – tails came up and they were busy checking everything and everyone out.

my friend maureen and her cousin mike opted for the high view of the puppies.







while mike’s wife, kathleen, and her friend, mary, opted for a lower, more up close and personal view of the puppies.







PRANCER snuggles up with mary while VIXEN finds mary’s jeans very interesting . . .



and  two others engage in  a puppy war behind kathleen.

time for a water break before more play . . .



okay, time for more play.

one last hug for CUPID and a promise to come back soon.


before they left, they got to meet travis (cooper’s owner), who had also come to see the babies. once again he was so very impressed with this litter. although i had been able to collect 3 stool samples to take to the vet’s office, by the time we were all finished, it was too late to get them to her. will have to do poop patrol again tomorrow. but, based on today’s activity, puppies are feeling fine so i am still not too concerned, although this diarrhea problem really has to be checked out soon. tomorrow for sure!

january 29, 2014: remember when . . .

day 50:

the puppies love the ‘litter box’. there is always at least one puppy in it, utilizing the ‘facilities’, playing or sleeping. not such a good thing. a couple of the puppies now have diarrhea. will be taking some stool samples to the vet’s office tomorrow to be sent to the lab for analysis. i am thinking that they might have giardia. which is no real problem as there is medication for this and they will be fine. but better to check. puppies are acting fine, playing hard and eating well so i am not too concerned.

they have so much fun with the ‘litter box’, don’t think i can keep them out.

playing . . .







and more playing



and sleeping . . .





but, remember the babies outside the ‘litter box’ back when they were 2 days old?

DSC_0097look at them now!


january 28, 2014: relaxing in front of the television

day 49:

busy day for me – cleaning, unfortunately not the kitchen, then a nap. puppies are eating a lot. 2-1/2 cups of dog food that has been soaked for about 5 minutes in warm water in the morning, 1 cup for lunch, 2 cups for dinner, and then 1 cup (?) as soon as i am done posting. of course, mom is still best. she goes in the puppy pen after the babies have eaten and they chase her around until she stands still.

relaxing evening. COMET joined me while watching the sherlock episode recorded last sunday. at first she was interested in the television . . . DSC_0461


but soon got bored with that




and looked for something else a little more exciting


wonder what this isDSC_0458

much better . . .

january 27, 2014: ouch, ouch and double ouch!

day 48:

because darla has a very real possibility of carrying the gene for ‘dwarfism’ and because DASHER and DONNER, although steadily gaining weight and growing, are still smaller than their brothers and sisters and because i want to ensure that these two guys are normal and healthy before they go to their new homes, they went on an ‘adventure’ today to dr. holman’s office for a blood draw. their blood will be shipped overnight to michigan state university for testing for igf-1 (insulin growth factor-1) levels. dr. john c. fyfe, d.v.m., ph.d., an associate professor in the department of microbiology and molecular genetics, is doing some really exciting work in animal genetics. he has been able to identify the gene responsible for dwarfism in several other dog breeds and has been collecting blood samples from affected tibetan terriers and their normal siblings/parents with the aim toward not only gaining ‘the expected insights into pathophysiology and the development of valuable animal models, but also so that molecular tests may be developed to determine which animals in a breeding population are carriers of these recessive disorders.’ hopefully he will be able to isolate the responsible gene and we, as responsible breeders, can make more informed breeding choices by not breeding a ‘carrier’ to another ‘carrier’. because this gene is ‘recessive’, it does mean both parents have to be carriers. right now i have no objective evidence that darla is, indeed, a carrier . . . and according to cooper’s breeder, there is no history of a dwarf in his pedigree. so, fingers crossed, we will await the results of these tests.

when we go on our adventures in the winter, the babies get tucked in between my coat and my chest where they are nice and secure . . . and warm. DASHER made the trip nicely.


out of the waiting room and into the operating room. DASHER looks like he knows something is up as dr. holman’s vet tech, mandy, takes his arm.


then it was home and it was DONNER’S turn. dr. holman’s other vet tech, gen, joined mandy. he thought this was great fun – until . . . .


poor DASHER, they needed another ml. of blood and he had to go back again. that done, it was home for the rest of the day.

back home again, DONNER gets ready to take a nap,

DSC_0455while DASHER, having tolerated the two trips well, beats up on COMET.



just think, in a week and a half i get to take all 8 babies to dr. holman’s office for their ‘well baby’ check up and their first vaccinations. always a fun adventure for all of us!

january 26, 2014: part 2



january 26, 2014: the puppies take on john and britta

day 47:

another ‘bathroom party’. letting the puppies run around and play in the bathroom really lets them interact with their visitors. much easier to keep track of them and it is pretty puppy proofed. also, although a couple of the puppies showed off their expertise with the use of the newspaper, not all did . . . . clean up is much easier in there too.

it’s been 3 weeks since john and britta first saw the puppies and they were amazed at how much they have grown and how their little personalities are developing.

DASHER had an extended ‘conversation’ with john . . .

DSC_0445 he then went over to britta and charmed her too, just by being cute.   DSC_0440

puppies played, ran around, had a minor puppy war, chewed on toes, played with the toilet paper rolls, pee’d and poop’d and generally had a great time. about halfway through it all BLITZEN decided he wanted a nap while the others played on. not sure whose butt that is, but BLITZEN slept on.


john grabbed PRANCER as she went running by him . . .


while VIXEN climbed up on britta’s lap.

the puppies had so much fun, but finally fell asleep . . . literally.

DSC_0448DSC_0446 CUPID was one of the first to fall . . .

he was soon joined by VIXEN.

time for john and britta to leave. we picked the sleeping puppies up and put them back in the puppy pen. a brief 2 minute puppy war ensued and then total quiet . . . they look like little angels when they are asleep, so cute. such a difference from the complete chaos just a few minutes before.

january 25, 2014: puppy mug shots – front and side views

day 46:

busy day today with the puppies. first elvin delivered 10 very large bags of dog food. he comes once a month or so. so cool to see this huge tractor trailor parked in front of my house. he only had a minute to spare, but did get a chance to say hello to COMET. then he was on his way – snow is coming and he wanted to finish his run before it started.


mitchell arrived and loaded up my car – then it was off to the dump for me with 8 large trash bags . . . puppies (and dogs) do create a lot of garbage. yes they do!

when i got back, we put the puppies in the 3 x 3 with darla and added the ‘play room ‘ to the puppy pen. cleaned it up, sprayed it all down and then had to wait for it all to dry. while waiting, mitchell ‘stacked’ the puppies while i took pictures.

this is VIXEN































pictures done, mitchell and i made up the puppy pen and added the play room. one by one the puppies were transferred over to the puppy pen. then mitchell opened the door to the ‘play room’.  DASHER was the first to make the leap followed by BLITZEN. not too sure of it at first, they took a minute to look around.


tails up, they started to explore this new area.DSC_0430

soon the others joined them.  DONNER goes down next followed by VIXEN while CUPID prepares to take the big step.


PRANCER needed a little encouragement. CUPID and COMET try to talk her down.



CUPID gives her a little extra help and she finally makes it down.DSC_0435

now the question is, can they make it back up into the puppy pen. COMET is either giving DONNER encouragement or trying to keep him out of the puppy pen, not sure which, but he did make it up and some serious play followed.


after a few minutes they were going up and down with ease and much more grace. after i fed them, darla was put in the puppy pen – they literally flew up the step and had ‘desert’! almost dinner time for everybody – then hopefully (it’s snowing, we have about 3″ already) it is off to the springfield symphony for me.

january 24, 2014: chaos in the bathroom

day 45:

carolyn and her friend, lucia, came to visit with the puppies today. because my kitchen has not yet recovered from the holidays and still has ‘stuff’ all over, we all went into the bathroom and let the puppies run around. good call as the puppies generally ignored the newspaper i had put on the floor for them to go on . . . .

first the puppies all went over to carolyn and said hello . . .



then PRANCER and BLITZEN said hello to lucia.



DSC_0400PRANCER found a neat place to hide out while DASHER had a one on one with carolyn . . .






DSC_0398and then laid down on her lap for a little tummy rub.





DASHER next went over to  lucia and got a big hug.DSC_0401


puppies pretty much ignored the soda bottles today, but were intrigued by the toilet paper rolls (another puppy favorite thing).






VIXEN eventually was able to pick the roll up and carry it around, DONNER looked at the bigger paper towel roll and COMET just picked the toilet paper roll up and walked around with it.


so far the babies have been getting their water from the water bottle on the side of the puppy pen. i put a small bowl of water on the floor in case they got thirsty while playing with us.

DSC_0392DSC_0394BLITZEN came over to check it out . . .


he  finally figured out it was water and took a drink.


COMET discovered my shoe laces, another favorite puppy thing to play with.      DSC_0388


time for carolyn and lucia to leave, so we put them all back in the puppy pen. lucia is taking a last picture of the babies while BLITZEN has an intense ‘conversation’ with carolyn.


january 23, 2014: ‘the boys’ have a mini adventure

day 44:

puppies are definitely getting bigger and have pretty much outgrown the puppy pen. BLIZEN is standing on a pile of the bedding to get a little extra height . . .

DSC_0369and VIXEN and CUPID stand on the floor of the puppy pen.DSC_0366








still just a little too cold (10 degrees) to take the babies outside, so ‘the boys’ had a mini adventure in the bathroom. doesn’t seem like such a big deal, but to them it was the first time they have been somewhere other than the puppy pen or being held. at first they all climbed up on my lap. one by one they started to explore, although staying close (that’s my leg in the blue jeans).


i really expected CUPID and DASHER to be the first to explore . . . but it was BLITZEN and DONNER who made the first moves while CUPID and DASHER sat on my lap. one of puppies’ favorite things to play with is an empty water bottle. as long as i am watching to make sure they don’t break it up and risk swallowing a piece of plastic, it is fun to watch them play. these guys are still a little young yet, but BLITZEN is really curious about it.









DONNER had fun swatting at the empty bottle and pushing it around with his nose.









then the two of them were trying to figure out what it was.


i stood up so there was no more lap . . . CUPID and DASHER were still somewhat hesitant, but eventually the tails came up and they were walking around. will give them some more time in the bathroom soon. having already been there, they should be fine.







DASHER discovered my toes . . . so i tucked my feet under the cabinet.







next time i am definitely going to remember to bring in some newspaper for the floor. 3 poops and 3 pees. now i get to wash the floor.

don’t know how he knew, but DONNER apparently had had enough and went to the door to let me know he wanted out.





january 22, 2014: puppies have a favorite toy . . . for now.

day 43:

2 more cds (sacred tibetan chants and mythical rain forest) have been switched over to 2 cd’s OF 100 new sound effects. parades and race cars now run through my bedroom.

was going to bring ‘the boys’ out on the porch yesterday, but ooooooh so cold here. not much snow (only about an inch).

somehow this picture of VIXEN did not make monday’s post – she tried and tried and finally was able to make it up the step to the hallway.


now that the puppies have learned how to go up steps, there is a whole new problem. today VIXEN tried to utilize her new-found skill to get out of the puppy pen. some of the puppies in my other litters were able to climb out – won’t be long before this litter figures out how to do it . . . or that if they stand on the side of the litter box now they can get out that way. so the top of the puppy pen is always in place.


gave the puppy pen a heavy duty cleaning today. when they are fed, the puppies are so cute . . . they politely ‘excuse’ themselves from the food bowl and go into the litter box and then come back and finish eating . . . but when they are playing any place will do. when put back into the puppy pen PRANCER immediately claimed the key ring as her own. she carried it around for about 5 minutes, fending off everyone who wanted it and ending up in the litter box.








when tired of playing with it, CUPID picked it up and ended up in the litter box with it.




but, CUPID was soon challenged by DANCER and COMET . . . .


he soon lost it to COMET.


after the babies tired of playing with the key ring, things disintegrated into puppy wars! check out that sweet, gentle, little PRANCER looking absolutely ferocious. puppy wars are normal and help in dog-to-dog socialization – at least that is what ‘they’ say. fortunately periods of intense battle are short lived. if not, a stern, loud reprimand will call for a truce.


the puppies are getting bigger every day. when mitchell comes on saturday, i will have him bring the 4 x 4 extension in from the barn which will double the area the puppies have to play.

january 20, 2004: the girls have an adventure

day 41:

jane came over today to visit with the puppies again. she picked up VIXEN and PRANCER (whom she thinks looks just like her cooper when he was a puppy) while DANCER comes over to be picked up too.


jane then helped me bring ‘the girls’ out to the side porch. during the summer it is a great place to visit with the puppies, but in the winter it is cold and my garbage cans are kept on the porch instead of outside in the snow. it was a new experience for the girls – not only is it colder than what they are used to, the bricks and the whole environment is something new. while they were processing all of the new sensations, they crouched down and thought about it (note the position of their tails . . . when exposed to new experiences a tibetan’s tail will drop). by the time we brought COMET out to join the other girls, they had started to get used to being somewhere different. COMET still had to think about it.






soon all of the girls were busy exploring, chasing each other around the garbage cans (tails are up, they have decided the porch is okay).








jane picked up VIXEN who loved all of the special attention.


the boys were not happy about being left out of the fun. DASHER especially had a lot to say about being left behind . . .







while BLITZEN just wanted to nap.


jane and i were standing in the hallway and the girls wanted to come back inside. COMET and VIXEN tried and tried and eventually were able to make it up the step into the hallway. although PRANCER and DANCER tried, we finally had to pick them up and bring them back to the puppy pen.

i don’t think DONNER is going to forgive me for not taking him out to the porch . . . especially since he got to experience snow yesterday which didn’t seem as much fun as the girls had today!








january 19, 2014: the adventures begin

day 40:

no visitors planned for yesterday and i was just so very tired. cancelled mitch’s help and basically all i did all day was take care of puppies and big dogs . . . and sleep. better today.

DONNER was the first to go on an ‘adventure’! not a very big one, but big enough. we have about 4-5″ of snow, so out he went. he didn’t seem all that impressed, either with the snow or the tibetan terrier statue.


i picked him up and put him on the step leading into the side door. he wasn’t too impressed with that either.


i brought him over to the door, and he seemed much more interested in coming back inside.


DONNER seemed to have the right idea, but the step up was just a little too high for him. i picked him up, gave him a hug and told him what a good boy he was and then put him back in the puppy pen for a nice warm lunch with his brothers and sisters.

january 17, 2014: connie and traci meet the babies

day 38:

my kitchen sink has been all clogged for about 4 days. finally my neighbor and master plumber, norm, was able to come over last night and snake it out. while here, he just had to say hello to the babies. PRANCER came over to ‘talk’ to norm and after a long, long day of working hard, it was nice to see him smile . . .


today, connie and her daughter, traci, came by to meet the babies. connie is holding BLITZEN while traci says hello. then traci picks up COMET. it is very hard to find a picture of someone holding one of the puppies without a big grin on their face!



connie reached in to pick up DANCER, but DONNER and DASHER had other ideas for her. first they grabbed connie’s sweatshirt and once they had her attention, they let her know they wanted their turn being held!


DANCER was finally picked up and was given a hug from connie.


traci is holding PRANCER, who just snuggled up close and went to sleep.


when put back in the puppy pen, PRANCER went right back to sleep and was joined by VIXEN and BLITZEN.


connie picked up CUPID and was talking to him – he is looking at her so intently, makes you wonder if he understood what she was saying.


because  CUPID looks so very big, we decided to weigh him. it was a tight fit in the basket. he now weighs 3 lbs. 15.0 oz. a big boy for sure!

connie just had to give COMET a hug.


while connie and traci were still here, it was lunch time for the babies. big puppy bowl was filled with 1 cup of dog food, which was devoured in moments. little DASHER sometimes doesn’t get all that he wants (guess who just plows through the food) so i have been holding back a little bit of the food and let him eat all by himself after the big bowl is emptied out. then, when he is done, i put the little bowl, with whatever is left in it, back in the puppy pen.

look who picks up the bowl and walks away with it!


puppies settled down for a nap and connie and traci left . . . after making plans to come back in 2 weeks! one puppy fix is just not enough.

january 16, 2014: the hunger games

day 37:

while still too young to be totally weaned, puppies still get to be fed by mom right after ‘attacking’ the food bowl . . . and i do mean ‘attacking’!


the puppies are now eating 3/4 to 1 cup of food 3 times a day that has been lightly processed in the food processor, mixed with water and yoghurt and allowed to soak for about 5 minutes to soften it up a little bit. when darla was put back in the puppies were not all that interested. CUPID took care of business and most of the others were just thinking of what kind of mischief they could get into . . . or their nap.


more changes for the babies. the cd tibetan sacred temple music was pulled out of the mix and the first of 4 cd’s with 100 sound effects was added. so very quiet here in the country that in the beginning when my babies left here they had a lot of trouble with strange noises, especially if their new families lived in manhattan. now with these sound effects cd’s, they are no longer afraid of the noises and they respond with their natural curiosity. so, instead of having tibetan monks chanting, i now listen to bugles playing taps, wood being sawed and trains running through my bedroom.

january 15, 2014: mike’s pictures

day 36: continued

mike took some great pictures while here.
CUPID was very interested in what this new person was doing.

2014-01-15 B

mike caught PRANCER in a very pensive moment and then again

2014-01-15 C2014-01-15 A

and DASHER . . . while everyone else was asleep DASHER did not want the fun to end and wanted mike to pick him up.

2014-01-15 D
2014-01-15 E